the Lost Souls Tavern

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The building is shaped roughly like a sprocket, featuring countless windowed alcoves and shadowy corners by the dozen. The room has a darker feel to it, the bar made of a polished deep rich mahogany and the stools low-backed with thick black leather padding studded in bronze to the seat. The hearth is over sized and comprised of lustrous black marble. Wall and ceiling fixtures are bronze and fueled with oil, the light provided by them dreary and undernourished. Candles dot the tables, but are typically on lit on request or on very busy evenings. Despite the shadows that creeping up from beneath the tables and out from the corners, the expense of the interior and it’s almost comfortable dimness give the Lost Souls Tavern an upscale look, and make some feel at home.

Specials are all 5 copper and come with a non-alcoholic beverage other than milk.

  • Monday Fried Chicken, Biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes, peas and onions in a creamy cheese sauce. Apple Pie added for dessert.
  • Tuesday Pita breads stuffed with slivered steak, chicken or pork with various veggies and sauces. Cookies added for dessert.
  • Wednesday Roast Venison, sweet rolls, steamed turnips with butter, green beans and almonds. Cake added for dessert.
  • Thursday Spaghetti! Alfredo or red sauce, grilled white meat chicken for the former, meatballs for the latter. Flan with caramel sauce added for dessert.
  • Friday Grilled fish and seafood and scalloped potatoes and crispy greens. Fruit compote or french silk pie is added for dessert.
  • Saturday Fried Rice with assorted meats, veggies etc. Egg rolls, broccoli beef and orange chicken are additional offerings. Cinnamon Buns are added for dessert.
  • Sunday Baked Ham and Biscuits, Gravy, roast potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots and onions, hot applesauce, cherry pie added for dessert.

the Day bartender

Jared is one of those men who will look 17 when he’s in his 50s, brown eyed, honey-blonde collar length wavy hair. He has a thin build, wirey dancer/runner type. he’s only 5’8″ tall and has pointed little features suggesting cat, fairy, fox. or weasel. He’s often quite dirty and careless about his appearance.

The very observant might note that his hands are always clean.

The Night Bartender

Byron Hawkline¬†is a very tall blonde man with an elvish cast to his features, but his bones are heavier, his build more muscular than an elven man. He has a lazy, good-natured appearance, but his smile has an edge to it… as if he’s amused by everyone and everything, and just a little scornful. He moves with feline grace and power, and many people of both genders find him attractive – even if they detest him on sight.