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Joshua Birman's Household
Servants Mrs.Nightshade and Poe - head of the house servants <ul> <li>Starling - kitchen maid loves rabbits. Tends to put too much pepper in things if Mrs.Nightshade doesn't watch her. Skin: Pale Hair: Short, curly, dark brown Eyes: Gray, large Height: Very short Weight: Fairly muscular Build: Average</li> <li>Francis - house maid whacky young woman full of fun and always singing. Skin: Very dark brown Hair: Long, wavy, graying brown Eyes: Hazel, small Height: A little tall Weight: Average weight Build: Somewhat broad</li> <li>Bradstone - gardener  Tinkers on things.  Really dislikes bigotry. Apparently mildly retarded.  Orcish blood. Skin: Medium brown Hair: Short, curly, graying black Eyes: Brown, average-sized Height: Tall Weight: Fairly muscular Build: Somewhat broad</li> <li>Vandru - coach/groomsman/handiman. Half elf.  Nervous tic, very young (teenager) crippled leg (mangled in a trap) Skin: Light brown Hair: Short, curly, brown Eyes: Hazel, small Height: A little tall Weight: Fairly muscular Build: Narrow</li> </ul>

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