Canison – 8 feet tall, about 4oo lbs of bone and muscle and a lot of teeth.  Shaggy red hair, usually has at least a little bit of a muzzle, and a brush tail like a wolf or fox.  His nails are claws, his eyes are more wolfish than human.  He enjoys telling people how delicious they smell – he’s still a little bit of a creep in that.  He can burn energy and get even bigger, almost as big as a full sized horse.  He is stronger even than he looks.  He often runs on all fours – its faster and he’s more sure footed.

Canison is one of the survivors of the defection of his group of vampires from the Commander of the Eight Armies.  He’s no longer entirely Wamphyri – he’s joined with a group of foxes and learned some nature powers instead of his old unnatural powers.  He’s becoming a very adept plant shaper.