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Welcome – this is a set of pages for our IRC channel, the #Dragongate.  We’ve been around in one form or another for more than 20 years.  Details:

  • We currently play on the Darkmyst net – irc.darkmyst.org
  • IRC Channel #Dragongate is for meeting purposes and may be used for OOC. Games take place in other rooms.
  • IRC Channel #Lost_Souls_Tavern is the tavern on Fallpyre where most role-play occurs. Do not use OOC here unnecessarily.

We are here to give out information on our games and gaming, and generally keep in touch with each other through the internet.  Most of us are over 25 and we encourage maturity, cooperation and some measure of literacy.

We have a Wiki for our roleplaying channels and worlds, and we are dedicated to collaborative story style roleplaying, not dice rolling and static worlds on the one hand, nor chaotic unstable ‘Medieval tavern one minute, Las Vegas 21st century casino the next’ style play.  There is usually a reason for the madness ongoing in our channels.


Here there be dragons.


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