Conan Exiles

Welcome to our Conan Exiles page.




We play on the Kenotaphion server with a specific mod list.  Use them in this order or sufferrrrr.  I know this list is huge but some of these things really are necessary for roleplay plots I am trying to build.Related image

Mods in Order


  • Pippi
  • The_Condemned_RP_Beasts
  • GCam.pak
  • StylistPlus.pak
  • Pickup+.pak
  • NiflheimrMiniMap.pak
  • Savage_Steel.pak
  • LitmanItemStackAndContainerSize.pak
  • LitManWeight.pak
  • KerozardsParagonLeveling.pak
  • Less_Building_Placement_Restrictio

In the future we may be adding a few more, depending on the weight of the mods.  We’ll see how that goes.


Warps are use for fast transportation, which we justify as being part of our Dragongate universe.  Don’t wanna warp? don’t use them.  They are part of the Pippi mod and we love them.

  • Bridge – the bridge that is broken, near the Dafari camp that leads to the Dregs.
  • Mitra – the camp with the friendly Mitra worshippers.
  • Snow – wear your wooly undies – the bridge where you freeze your tits off.
  • Oasis – a very pretty oasis with a lot of crocs
  • Ace – a base for storage and testing things
  • Home – Kanor’s home
  • Ironjungle – good spot for iron
  • Pirates – the Black Galleon within sight.
  • Piratequeen – a relatively safe spot with a chatty npc.
  • Archives – outside the (dangerous) entrance to the Archives, where you can learn Cartography.
  • Blackgarden – Dangerous – wear your sandmask.  gorrillas and the lotus are poisonous.
  • Bugwarp – Coal, Bugs and Dryness.
  • Set – Talk to a priest of Set and learn his ways.
  • Obsidian – cold as hell – wear your cold weather gear.
  • Ice – froze my tits off. again.
  • Skelos Entrance to the well of Skelos.  dangerdangerdanger


Our primary base is east past the Sentinal statues and in front of the cave that looks like a giant butthole.  … no, really.

Rain’s base and storage is at the broken statue in front of the caves near the bone picker camp and the area where the elephants hang out.

Kanor has a base near the Black Galleon as well, when we wanted to take it over … but that seems to not be a thing you can do. v_v