the Boring Stuff

Welcome to the Dragongate

Our rules seem fairly lax to us but some people find them constrictive. Please don’t get your feelings hurt if we do not want certain types of characters played here. Look at the rules to find out what these are.

the Dragongate is a game mechanic/plot device to allow our characters to bounce from world to world, including the MMO game worlds we play on.  Over the years we have had a little bit of everything played in our channels.

The Lost Souls Tavern

Set on the world of Fallpyre, this game is currently open and in play.

Our World is :

  • High fantasy.
  • Low Tech (with exceptions).
  • Vaguely Medieval.
  • Multi-genre with a strong dash of fantasy and horror.
  • Open to most things within reason.

What We’re About

This is where you get all the warnings and reasons you should not play here ::grins::

We are a group of friends trying to write a collaborative story through role-play. We are not trying for art. We just want to have fun and create interesting lives for our little characters and move our stories along.

Our stories and activities are aimed at the Eighteen(18) year old and up crowd. We curse, we kill people, sometimes graphically, we have romances and might get a little steamy. We have gay, bi, straight and every curve in between.  We have some evil characters who are not obvious at first or even second glance.  If you are not of a maturity level to be able to participate, then please leave.  If someone known to be under legal age is present, please keep it toned down or take it private.

Don’t Make Being Here Unfun

While we have no objection to Freeform as an ideal, too many people make Freeform unenjoyable and unplayable. Our world and our game is structured freeform.  While we encourage some freeform style play, at any time, our heavy handed rules may grab you by the back of the neck and make you play according to our rules. If someone ruling on your actions and activities is going to bother you, this might not be the place for you.

The ops and storytellers are also players and are here to have fun. The magic boot of kicking is an artifact possessed by all of our channel storytellers and will probably be used liberally to remind you – and each other – not to make it un-fun. Do not take it personally, but do take a hint. We don’t do it to demean, we do it to make you pay attention and understand that we do not have to play with you.  And if we mean it personally – you’ll know.

We encourage all players to watch the channel for a while before bringing in a character. We also encourage you to browse this site and read the rules before you start participating in the channel. We also recommend that you bring an ‘Entry’.  A character who’s come through the Dragongate from another world and is not instantly expected to fit in.

We don’t require ‘stat’ based character sheets. For a reference point, standard old style Dungeons and Dragons is the most commonly accepted and most easily understood type of character. Palladium and other styles are acceptable. (Within reason.) White Wolf is accepted within limits of the fantasy setting but anyone who only really enjoys high tech, angst ridden and gloomy scenes should probably not be here. Other fantasy creatures and creations are allowable if they do not breach too many of our world’s reality rules.

If all this sounds like it fits what you’re looking for with RP, then… Welcome!



We are roleplayers who make no profit from our site. We use many different sources as inspiration and sometimes modules from role-playing games make it into our stories, as do characters who occasionally are based upon popular fiction.

All our thanks to Bessie-mun, Rach the Troll, Cryos, and all the others past and present who helped shape our roleplay.

H.Anthe Davis gleefully allows us to use some of her monsters and other things from her novels. You can find her site at War of Memory.