The unsubtle worlds of the Dragongate

fistWelcome to our unsubtle worlds.

Over all, our games are not about purple prose and megaposts that need to be overwhelmingly full of description and emotion.

Our Characters hit people.  They laugh. sometimes they flirt.  Or cuss.  What they do not do is try to pretend to be an artform.  We are all about fun, and building stories together with some of us as the Reality, the World, more or less, and the rest as characters who are in that world, reacting, building their lives, looking for adventure or romance or …whatever.

All we want is to have fun.  Our worlds are built just for that, and nothing else.  We’re not trying to prove we’re great writers, or poets, or that we can type faster than anyone else.  We have nothing to prove.  Just come and have fun.

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