The Ruins

Once a prosperous suburb of Kenotaphion, it was nearly destroyed and left in ruins by a lot of chaotic magic and some pissed off demons. Now it is once more prosperous but is more business/retail organized and a little less exclusive to the nobility of Kenotaphion.


The Adventurer's Guild

Several men and women live here, hiring out to people who need swords and experts in several fields.

Byron's house

Log Cabin with some runes and wards about. be careful if you decide to break in.

MacBane Manor

A huge and formidable looking stone house. Luke MacBane is the current Lord MacBane.

The Twilight Theater

A lovely theater with many players.

The Harbor Patrol

The offices and such for the Harbor Patrol.

the Lost Souls Tavern

Shaped like a cog, there is a large Purification Tree out front that greets all and prevents the terribly corrupt from gaining access easily. Give over your mounts to the Very Tall Girl or the Burly Boy and come on in. Water and snacks - usually muffins or cookies - are free to all.


Fine dining in the back, cafe/bistro in the front. Takeout available. the building to the side is a Grocery store. they sell their sauces and pasta as well as green veggies. Flour, olive oil, salt, spices.

The Litigation and Trickster's Guild

bigger than it looks.

The Meadows

the MacBanes family lands - the farms have been in disrepair though the Gravecalls have been trying to cover some of the tenant's needs - they are once more being kept up and patrolled properly by the MacBane.

The Dragongate Spire

At the crossroads. there are always guards posted, some of them specialists who know how to deal with the type of garbage known to come through the gate at times. The Gate is currently closed to cross traffic. Hotel California style - you can check out but you can never leave.