Fountain Market area

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A very pretty, well kept area that usually has a few buskers (Musicians or other performers hoping for coins) some push cart ventors of sausages on a bun, tastas (a form of candy made while you watch) and often a meeting place for the locals to discuss ongoing events.

Private home - Desoph

Desoph has leased this property and improved it quite a bit - his horses have ample pasture and he's generally quiet and his grounds well kept.

Fountain Market

there are various hawkers here selling local produce, milk, meat, all from the farms to the north and east for the most part. The fountain is cleaned regularly and is a practical fountain, not just decorative. Water your horses from the lower tier, drink from the upper two.

the Hospice

Lead by Aethan, this shell shaped building is part hospital and part aquarium, and all temple to the gods of healing. It is open 24/7 and there is a special entrance for beings who cannot normally get past the wards protecting it from the lest savory powers out and about.

the Jazz House

Music, Laughter and delicious food smells float from this house. Not exactly a private house, it also is not open to the public - invitation only.

The Playground - AKA the Children's Graveyard

Stone statues - a rabbit, a tortoise, a sleeping lion, several others - are there, with rounded edges for children to crawl all over. There is a play house and a big pretend ship to crawl around on, and its kept well groomed. there are several graves near the tortoise where children were buried during the bad years of the ruins. Late at night, children laughing can be heard, and fireflies are prevalent every night regardless of the weather.

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