The Gods

The Gods of Fallpyre
Not dependent on worship, some are not even interested in followers at all. Never, ever assume that you have anything with which to bargain vs a Power.

Gods, Powers, Champions

  • Gods are at the top of the food chain, and there are ranks and files of gods.
  • Demigods are basically gods who have not or will not ascend to the Godlands.
  • Powers are the equivalent of angels.  They are not gods but sometimes represent gods.  Examples of Powers – the Pale King, an avatar of powers of the Vampire.  the White Stag – a symbol of death, particularly to Elves and other Fae folk.  It is possible to kill them… eventually.  but it is by no means advisable to try. And often – they come back.
    Many powers started out mortals – some started out as champions.  Many are unpredictable by most people’s standards.
  • Champions – a god’s chosen – think of them as paladins, regardless of alignment, who are guided by their gods pretty directly. They can have wildly different powers depending on the god, the alignment, the nature and personality of the Champion.  Some do not know they are Champions.



a cat shaped god of things that may or may not be, but could always happen.


Beautiful woman. Killer.  Lover.  Tamer of Beasts. A twilight god of Stars and Darkness and the Dead.

The Sun

  • Helios
  • Alynn-Ra
  • Jehalah

the Light

  • Mithra
  • Mithras
  • Mitra
  • Mitras



A very old primordial god of chaos, volcanoes, passion.  Some have relegated him to just being a lust god.  He’s more like a male version of Ishtar.

Dark Morning

A god who’s form is often that of a dragon with 3 heads – Mercy, Law, and Retribution.  He represents Justice.


Shadows. Theives. Twilight. the Balance between Dark and Light.  He has friends on both sides but is more friendly with Light than with Darkness.


Not many actually know of this Lanian based god.  He is the god of Life, and the twin brother to the goddess of Death.  He is also the god of leadership, flexibility and diplomacy.  His symbol is the rabbit on this world.

the Sea Cat

A god of Healing, patience, adaptability.  His symbol on this world is the horseshoe crab.  His his angels appear as dolphins, sea serpents, or sometimes waterspouts.  He has a temper and cannot tolerate corruption – when he finds his temples have abandoned his teachings and fallen to greed and pride, he will have the sea come for them.  Lanians know him as Dama.

The Steppenwolf

Cold wind, most often seen in winter and an ally to many of the things that kill.  He is a hunter and a war spirit. He appears as a gigantic wolf – or a lean young man in soldier’s garb.  The Steppenwolf is a Power, mostly because he *could* ascend but chooses not to – he loves to run on the material world.  He’s extremely dangerous. He rarely speaks.  He is also associated with the North Wind.

The Maker
So many names and aspects its difficult to put just one name on him – or her.  He’s one of the gods who does not care if he/she is worshipped or not, and thus, does not care if you build a church or leave offerings – making things is what is the important thing.  Artificers, smiths, artists, even mothers, because they too create something important.  Not to be confused with the Mother goddess, she who must not be named, of the Lanian gods.
The Maker prefers to be considered female when dealing with Life and Death style creations, and Male when working with more conventional tools.

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