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The temple of Light was the first temple to be built out here.  Now others are starting to pop up.  Out front of the Temple of Light is the statue of Helios – a tall golden man holding a out a welcoming golden flame.

The Temple of Gvalt

Yes, it looks like a tower ... also like a penis. its made of pale stone and they arrange lights to make it look like its glowing - green or pink or a combination depending on the season. There are temple prostitutes of both genders (and a few not normally seen by humankind) and they are skilled and discreet.

The Temple of Light

Gideon, a flamboyantly dressed young man with a pleasant demeanor runs this church. Nightbreed and Darksiders are welcome so long as it is the light that is worshiped.

The Apartments

Originally built for the homeless, it has since become a thriving community. It's gradually become more upscale as time went on. They are reasonably priced, but you will be living next to some folks who until the church came to town were living in the ruins as derelicts.

the Shadow Shrine

Owned by Derek and Tizra, a nice manor house with a shrine to the shadowgods out in front. Erebus, Morgwi, all shadows are tolerated if not welcomed here.

Golden Statue of Helios

A very tall statue of a man, nude, holding a flame/sun, which burns with a golden light. It is visible quite a ways out at sea.


Restaurant and Grocery

Harbor Patrol's buildings.

Quarantine, office building, a few holding cells, and a place for the men and women to meet up and bitch and moan about work.

the Celestial Dragon

Far Eastern food and culture. Fu Dog Statues guard the entrance. Tien, a little old oriental man, is the owner.

Far Eastern Imports

Tien owns this building as well but is rarely seen here - eastern clothing, herbs and spices, fabric, some furniture and pottery, and lovely papers and inks.

the Ice House

Frost and her husband Snow provide all the ice you could want at reasonable prices - they also sell frozen desserts - ice cream, sorbet, slushes and ices of all sorts.

MacBane Properties

Lilith MacBane and her assistant Savin provide money storage, letters of credit, loans, and handle the real estate of the Ruins and surrounding areas.

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