Lese Majesty

A militant religious organization following the gods of Light, particularly Mithra, and thus tending towards males in power.


The Order of Lese Majesty’s knighthood has been around for well over a millenia and longer. For as long as their have been those who worship the Gods of Light, there have been those sworn to protect it. Becoming a knight within Lese Majesty’s ranks requires not only skill, zealotry, bravery and power, but also an acceptance to eternal damnation. Lese Majesty’s order kills the Unclean, so that other followers of the Light may find salvation in peace.

In the strictest terms, those who are most active are not knights at all, but instead are Paladins, Priests, Nuns and Clerics of fearsome power.


  • Leader – Lord Maximillian Xerxes
  • High Ranking Knights
    • Arek Kusando
    • Kikio Yatsumuri
    • Wulfgar
    • Cortaespar
  • Other Knights
    • Brother FoxFather fatdudeFather sneakypants

The Keep

Guards are posted at every access point. No, they are not friendly. No, you may not enter without an appointment and a heavily armed escort.

The only reason anyone of a darker mien should ever attempt to go into this keep is if they are suicidal or want to turn themselves in. (ie, are suicidal.)

The Catacombs

Not for the faint of heart, the Catacombs are set up for the interogation and subjugation of prisoners – and Lese Majesty hunts monsters, so they are neither easy to escape, nor in any way comfortable. If you are put here, you are not going anywhere any time soon. The research labs and arcanum is down here.

Rumored Relics of Power

the Avatar of Conquest is rumored to be within the Keep.

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