The Wizard’s Council

The Wizard’s Council

Twelve wizards, each supposedly covering a different facet of magic are supposed to govern magic and breaks with reality.  Chaos storms, Acid Rains, Blackfire, Wyldefires are supposed to be handled by the Wizards.

Tranquil – the eldest member of the council, generally considered to be a bit senile, and a terrible womanizer. Currently the head of the Wizard’s Council, which he is calling the Circle of Magic.

Fractal, who specializes in patterns

Varmit – an animal mage

Forrest – a wilderness mage, loves plants and trees

Ciro – Head of the Circle of Discipline, formerly the Circle of Pain.

Wilson – An Earthmaster wizard – very powerful, and very interested in architecture.

Vita Gravecall – Head of the Circle of Thorns, specializing in binding and demonology. Also head of the Gravecall Knighthood.

Travail – Thaumaturgist and Mind Mage.


Maestro – an enhancement magic specialist – now a very excellent tailor.

Bethany – She gave her necromantic powers up and quit the council – she plans to marry Balisong.  She is still wizard advisor part time.


Ultimax was the head of the old council.

Aegis is his right hand man.


Phlogistan, a pyromancer, was killed at the Overlord’s court in a confrontation with Shaidaxi during the volcano lord’s coronation as king of volcanos.